Partnering With Cross-Border Clients Around the Globe

It is rare to find a firm with the breadth and depth of international business, tax, legal* and financial knowledge offered by the international tax nerds at Schwartz International. We work directly with businesses and individuals with international interests, as well as partner with CPA and law firms whose clients benefit from our unique expertise. The common element we bring to all our work is a consultative,  big picture approach combined with a personal commitment to the highest level of service.

Business & Individual Clients

Globalization and advances in the methods and speed of communications have rapidly expanded the opportunities available to those seeking to reach a multinational audience. Taking advantage of these opportunities, however, can be intimidating and complex. To successfully open your doors across borders – and keep them that way – you need a team with specialized financial and legal knowledge to remain compliant with local laws, regulations and business standards.

Schwartz International works with individuals and businesses of all types and sizes to help grow their markets and increase revenue through global expansion and collaboration. We serve clients based in the U.S. as well as those in other countries, offering a full range of services to support both inbound and outbound international business activities and ensure  compliance in the countries where you have operations.

Whether you’re in the first stages of planning your international expansion, thinking about adding new cross-border locations, or have already established international and multi-jurisdictional transactions, Schwartz International can be the partner you need to maximize your options. We invite you to learn about the services we provide and then contact us to discuss how we can support your international operations and activities.

CPA & Law Firm Clients

For most small to mid-size accounting and law firms, it simply doesn’t make economic sense to employ a team with a high level of international expertise. But when clients need multinational expertise and input, you want to be able to meet those needs to provide the highest level of service for your clients.

As more businesses and individuals are expanding their operations and investments globally, some of your clients may need specialized advice and services to guide them through the growing maze of international regulations. As they expand to include cross-border activities in their business model, you want to have a relationship with some trusted international tax nerds to take care of their needs.

Schwartz International offers international consulting and strategic tax planning services to CPA and law firms, helping you deliver the dedicated knowledge and skills your clients require. We can augment your own international tax and business resources, or serve as your outsourced international tax department, depending on your needs. In either case, we work as a part of your team, and under your umbrella, to ensure your clients have access to the expertise they need through you, their trusted advisor.

You don’t have to risk losing clients by referring them to international specialists or try to tackle these complicated issues yourself. Discover how Schwartz International’s services can supplement your traditional legal, tax and advisory services, so your clients can get comprehensive support for their international activities while further strengthening their relationship with your firm.

*Our sister law firm handles all legal services. You can learn more at