Strategic Partnerships for International Needs

With more businesses and individuals expanding their operations and investments globally, some of your clients may need specialized advice and services to guide them through the growing maze of international regulations. As they venture into both inbound and outbound cross-border activities, their needs may extend beyond your traditional areas of expertise.

Schwartz International offers international consulting services to CPA and law firms, helping you deliver the dedicated knowledge and skills your clients require. We can augment your own international tax and business resources, as well as directly provide assistance via outsourcing, depending on your needs. In either case, we work as a part of your team to ensure your clients have access to the expertise they need through you, their trusted advisor.

You don’t have to risk losing clients by referring them to international specialists, or try to tackle these complicated issues yourself. Discover how Schwartz International’s services can supplement your traditional legal, tax and advisory services, so your clients can get comprehensive support while further strengthening their relationship with your firm.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help with the specialized needs of your international clients.