Everything You Need for Your Cross-Border Business to Succeed

Schwartz International provides a complete range of services to meet your international business and tax needs. Companies, individuals, CPAs and law firms rely on us for advice and assistance with international tax consulting and compliance, cross-border financial activities and international expansion planning and execution.

From planning your global operations to keeping you in full compliance with the applicable local laws to optimizing location selection for future growth, we partner with you through every stage of your personal or business lifecycle. By working closely with you and thoroughly understanding your objectives, we can identify potential strategies, challenges and solutions, explain the pros and cons of various options – including financial implications – and guide you through each step on your path to success.

Our team of International Tax Nerds provides specialized, practical advice on issues ranging from global tax to the most complex legal* matters that affect your multinational operations. For each unique client and situation, we offer services in the following  categories: tax advisory services, international business consulting (both described in more detail below) and global legal services (more details of which can be found here).

International Tax Advisory Services

Wading through the quagmire of international taxation can be one of the most frustrating areas an individual or business has to navigate. While it is critically important to understand the requirements – and opportunities – for each location where you have operations, even expert CPAs, lawyers and seasoned business leaders frequently need help steering their way through the complicated and ever-changing tax laws of each country and jurisdiction.

The international tax nerds at Schwartz International live and breathe this every day. Having lived and worked in several countries ourselves, we can bring you an unmatched level of firsthand experience in international taxation. We love applying our exceptional understanding to help businesses and individuals take advantage of the plentiful opportunities of global expansion while staying in compliance with myriad legal requirements. We are also a go-to partner for CPA and law firms, flexibly augmenting their teams to help them meet the international tax needs of their own client base. Our tax advisory services include:

  • Global tax planning, structuring and consulting
  • Inbound and outbound planning
  • Expat and inpat tax services
  • Transfer pricing guidance
  • Tax exposure issues, including programs like the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Tax authority audits/controversies counsel
  • International tax compliance

International Business Consulting Services

Expanding your business internationally can offer exciting and lucrative opportunities. It can also be fraught with challenges and stumbling blocks. To avoid the pitfalls, you must understand the rules and regulations, as well as societal and cultural do’s and don’ts. Having our team of International Tax Nerds  advise you from each of these angles can help you sidestep a major faux pas. From setting up your global operations to fulfilling tax and regulatory compliance obligations to determining the best ways to grow your business, our expert guidance can help turn your vision of international success into reality.

Schwartz International provides a complete range of cross-border business advisory services based on decades of firsthand experience. If you or your clients have international business concerns, you can count on us for the insights and services that help you succeed:

  • Inbound and outbound strategic planning and implementation
  • Global tax and cash flow planning
  • M&A due diligence, structuring and post-integration planning
  • Transfer pricing guidance
  • Global reorganizations
  • Risk advisory services
  • Local reporting requirements
  • Regional culture consulting and guidance

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your international tax needs or provide the input you need to make the most of your cross-border expansion.

*Our sister law firm handles all legal services. You can learn more at schwartzintllaw.com.