Hail, Sleet and Snow in Cleveland (in May)

Those who know us understand and appreciate that we don’t like to sit still, no matter the occasion. So when there’s an opportunity to be on the move you’ll see us, whether it’s a race along one of Europe’s longest suspension bridges, by Huntington Beach’s sandy shores or next to Cleveland’s largest lake (which seems to double as a sea), we are always looking for things to do as opposed to sitting in hotel rooms waiting for our next meeting to begin. We follow the same spirit with regard to global tax, always striving to be the best in providing our clients with the most appropriate and insightful solutions. We love international tax — let us help guide you with your individual and company issues so you can focus on your own goals, whether setting a personal best in a race or achieving the financial growth and security you’ve sought.



Check out https://www.clevelandmarathon.com/news/entry/51516_-_Rite_Aid_Cleveland_Perseveres_in_Face_of_Unprecedented_Weather_Conditions/ and  https://www.clevelandmarathon.com/ for more information about the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, Half-Marathon and other soggy events.

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