International Tax Nerds Visit Creek Retreat


It’s that time of year again – the International Tax Nerds stepped away from the hustle and bustle of international tax to regroup and relax. This year as a team, Marc, Charles, Qulanda and their significant others visited the community of Serenbe, in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

Our first stop was visiting Creek Retreat. Creek Retreat offers Biohacking treatments, supplements and curated skin care including HydraFacial, Biocharger, and other therapies like: Far Infrared, Compression, Red light & PEMF, and much more including newly arrived HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatments). In addition to these services, we decided to see what Cryotherapy was all about.

If you haven’t done Cryotherapy before, you are lifted by a mini elevator in a cryo-chamber which uses liquid nitrogen gas. The subzero temperatures get down to -200°F and may reduce inflammation & pain and facilitate healing.

After getting pampered at Creek Retreat, we had dinner at The Farmhouse which offers a farm-to-table rotating menu supporting local farmers and artisanal producers. The International Tax Nerds enjoyed time connecting with one another outside the office and as the night ended, we each stayed in our own private cottages at The Inn.

Each cottage has its own character and ambiance while the grounds share a pool and hot tub, canoes at the lake, other outdoor activities and an animal village.

Special thanks to Greg Kasparian, the co-founder of Creek Retreat, and his team for their outstanding services and personalized attention to our team.


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