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Marc Schwartz Presents Non-US Investors Using US Entities to Hold Their Portfolios – InSight Securities Inc.

International Tax Nerd-in-Chief Marc Schwartz greatly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in InSight Securities’ annual CE conference July 14 and 15 in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. More than 100 investment and fund advisors and owners participated in educational and networking sessions focusing on investment efficiency and fund growth. As many of their clients are non-US persons investing in US securities, Marc was invited to discuss the practical US/international tax issues. Of importance is one of Schwartz International’s hallmarks – focusing on the global tax jigsaw puzzle to ensure clients have reasonable expectation about taxes in all relevant jurisdictions, not just US tax. Marc’s presentation, “Non-US investors using US entities to hold their portfolios”, was well-received, and it turns out the InSight Securities financial advisors ask really good tax questions! The discussion focused on US residency rules, withholding, non-US companies, CRS (Common Reporting Standards), FATCA, treaties and more.

About Schwartz International

The International Tax Nerds at Schwartz International team with individuals, companies of all sizes and other accounting and law firms to provide practical international tax advice. We live and breathe international tax daily, and since we’ve lived in various countries, we understand the diverse cultural challenges you face. We work in four key areas: International Tax Advisory; International Tax Compliance; Cryptocurrency; and Law via our sister company, The Schwartz Law Firm.

About InSight Securities, Inc.

InSight Securities is a full spectrum international brokerage and money management firm that has been providing investment services to high-net-worth individuals, retirement, corporate, and trust accounts since 1970. Securities cleared through Axos Clearing, Inc. and Interactive Brokers LLC.

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