Marc Schwartz to Take On the Mount Mitchell Challenge

Marc Schwartz is no stranger to challenging himself. An avid runner, he regularly participates in physical endurance events like marathons and is a former triathlete. And though he enjoys these “normal” events, the way he keeps himself motivated is by seeking out events that are a bit off the beaten path, sometimes literally.

An example of this is the Ragnar Trail Relay, a relay race with each member running 30 miles, just outside of Zion National Park in Utah. Marc was part of Atlanta’s Southern DIScomfort Team, running over a 24-hour period through high altitude trails, temperatures ranging from brutally hot in the afternoon to near freezing at night. In this same vein, Marc is challenging himself yet again with another out-of-the-ordinary race, The Mount Mitchell Challenge.

Scheduled for late February 2016 in Black Mountain, North Carolina, this event has two races. The first is the Black Mountain Marathon, which is limited to 250 runners. Marc has participated in this race twice before. The other portion, the Challenge, is a 40-mile ultramarathon, limited to just 200 runners. Winding through twisting and turning trails around the Eastern seaboard’s highest point (6,684 feet, to be exact), the weather on the trail can be a bit unpredictable, with runners never sure if they’ll be enjoying early spring warmth or brutal winter winds, snow or ice, or something in between. In fact, given the summit’s altitude, often you won’t know the weather you’ll encounter until you actually arrive – 20 miles into the race!

Marc is looking forward to challenging himself, both physically and mentally. “I’ve always enjoyed setting goals for myself that others may deem a bit much. In the same way I’m dedicated to finding unique ways to help our international clients and challenge them to reach for more, I enjoy pushing myself to the next level. It takes doing things outside of the norm to see what you’re really capable of, what you can actually achieve. And often, you surprise yourself with the things you can accomplish when you try something different.”

Not only will Marc participate as a personal challenge, he’ll also be working to help others. Passionate about men’s health, Marc is using this event as a means to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research. To learn more or to donate, visit The Movember Foundation website. Learn more about the course and conditions by visiting The Mount Mitchell Challenge website: And check back in March 2016 to view Marc’s results!

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