Q and SI Celebrate at the Premiere of The Single Life — Season 2

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As many of you know, while our very own Q (Qulanda Moore) doesn’t make the great gadgets James Bond’s Q does, she has quietly been building a large following for her writing / producing /directing and acting. She premiered Season 2 of her hit web series, The Single Life, Sunday March 20 at Georgia State’s cinefest theater. Over the course of a few hours she showed all ten episodes for the new season and made time to mingle with guests and introduce the cast and crew.

The series is about three 20-something single women in Atlanta and the struggles they face as they each try to start their careers and find the right man. Of course there’s bumps in the road as they struggle with issues ranging from inter-racial dating, crazy families, infidelity and much, much more.

You can check out Season 2 (complete with upgraded production quality and featuring local Atlanta musicians) beginning Sunday April 3 at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLuKqDN5lC2hXEUX3PrblFA on The Q.U.E Network YouTube channel. In the meantime, catch up with Season 1 at the same site.





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