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Australia, with its vibrant economy and bustling financial sector, recently played host to Marc for a month-long visit. His journey Down Under wasn’t just about sightseeing; it was a productive excursion filled with speaking engagements, insightful discussions, and fruitful meetings all about international tax.

First Stop: Bentleys

Marc kicked off his Australian tour by taking the stage alongside Darren Lee at Bentley’s annual conference in Melbourne. It was fantastic for Marc to be asked to present. Their topic of discussion? AU/US tax planning. With their combined expertise, they dissected the intricacies of navigating the tax landscapes across borders, offering valuable insights to industry professionals eager to optimize their strategies.

Following the conference, Marc delved deeper into the nuances of AU/US tax planning by addressing Bentley’s Sydney internal staff. Collaborating once again with Darren, they tailored their insights to resonate with the local team, ensuring that everyone was well-equipped to tackle cross-border challenges head-on.

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Second Stop: Macquarie Private Client Group

Marc and Darren extended their reach to the Macquarie Private Client Group, where they shed light on AU/US cross-border issues affecting high-net-worth individuals. By dissecting complex financial scenarios and offering actionable strategies, Marc and Darren empowered the group to navigate the intricate web of international taxation with confidence.

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Third Stop: Enspira Financial

In addition to speaking engagements, Marc seized the opportunity to connect with key players in Australia’s financial landscape. Meeting with Catherine White and Sook Smith, senior members of the Enspira Financial team, Marc exchanged ideas and explored avenues of collaboration. Last but certainly not least, Marc’s itinerary included a crucial meeting with Craig Stanmore, CEO of Enspira Financial.

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Marc’s whirlwind tour of Australia also included quality time with long-term clients turned friends as well as building new personal and professional relationships.

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