Cryptocurrency 101 Presentation at the 2021 AAA-CPA Annual Meeting

Our International Tax Nerd In-Chief gave a presentation on Cryptocurrency on November 4th to the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs at its 2021 Fall Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Titled Cryptocurrency 101: The basics everyone should know, Marc’s presentation focused on the building blocks including:

  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • How it gets its value
  • How blockchain technology works
  • The value it adds and can potentially add across numerous industries
  • How to acquire it, what is mining and other items

Our global clients continue to consult with us on Cryptocurrency issues. Regardless of whether tax-related, we enjoy that work in the ever changing Cryptocurrency landscape.

Remember, we accept payment in Cryptocurrency for our services as well.

[Full disclosure: Marc serves as Treasurer of AAA-CPA.]

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your international tax and legal matters.

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