Expatriation: Top Ten International Tax Topics for Those Renouncing U.S. Citizenship or Transferred/Seconded to Foreign Affiliates

Have you or someone you know been thinking of renouncing U.S. citizenship? There are multiple tax implications when considering this, so it is important to understand the full impact of this decision. Marc Schwartz recently partnered with Illumeo to create an online course where attendees:

  • Discover why/how the U.S. taxes based on citizenship and not simply residency.
  • Explore the burden and impact of worldwide taxation.
  • Learn why and how people are expatriating.
  • Recognize exactly whom the rules impact.
  • Understand the deemed taxable transaction upon expatriation and its tax calculation.

To register for this one hour on-demand course and receive a special 10% discount for friends of Schwartz International, click here.

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