International Tax Nerd in Milan

Our Most Senior Nerd, Paul, traveled to Milan, Italy – high fashion center of the world… high cost!

Amid his backdrop, Paul actively participated in lively discussions on two important topics involving cross-border taxation: (1) centralized procurement activities; and (2) employee mobility (employer and employee). The participants were seasoned professionals in the Corporate Tax Alliance from: Belgium; The Netherlands; India; Argentina; Italy; France; Spain; Germany; Slovakia; Czech Republic; Singapore; US; and Israel.

The participants, with our nerd on the far right, are pictured below!

About Schwartz International

The International Tax Nerds at Schwartz International team with individuals, companies of all sizes and other accounting and law firms to provide practical international tax, compliance, and legal advice.

We live and breathe international tax daily, and since we’ve lived in various countries, we understand the diverse cultural challenges you face. We work in four key areas: International Tax Advisory; International Tax Compliance; Cryptocurrency; and Law via our sister company, The Schwartz Law Firm.

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About Corporate Tax Alliance

Corporate Tax Alliance (CTA) is a global network of specialized international tax professionals. CTA provides a platform for collaboration between tax specialists to network and knowledge share on a regional or global scale as well as provide high-level corporate tax consulting services.

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