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In the dynamic world of nonprofit organizations, the intersection of international tax regulations and operational expansion presents a unique set of challenges. Recently, this topic gained significant attention at the 2024 TXCPA’s Nonprofit Organizations Conference in Dallas, TX. Marc was invited by Elaine L. Sommerville of Sommerville & Associates, P.C. to share insights into the intricacies of international tax compliance for nonprofits.

The core focus of Marc’s presentation was providing practical advice on the tax reporting and information disclosure issues US-based non-profits need to examine when designing and planning their global operations and investments. With the global reach of these entities expanding rapidly, more and more non-profits have found themselves out of compliance.

The discussion included Form 990, and grappling with concepts like Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) / Unrelated Taxable Income (UBTI) and recognizing investees as controlled foreign corporations (“CFCs”), PFICs, etc.

The conversation delved into practical strategies that nonprofits can employ to ensure compliance while optimizing their global operations. Marc emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach to planning and compliance, highlighting the significance of elements such as Form 990 and the notorious Schedule F.

An integral aspect of Marc’s success in addressing this multifaceted topic was the collaborative effort with professionals like Elaine Sommerville (pictured with Marc below); their teamwork enriched the discussion and underscored the significance of cooperation within the industry.

Marc and Elaine

In conclusion, as nonprofits continue to expand their reach globally, the need for a nuanced understanding of international tax laws becomes increasingly paramount. By staying abreast of regulations and adopting proactive strategies, nonprofits can navigate the complexities of international tax with confidence, ensuring their continued growth and impact in an interconnected world.

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