Schwartz Sintl Gets CPR Certified!

Taking a break to catch their breath from the busy tax season, the Schwartz International team participated in a CPR/AED training to become certified by the American Red Cross. We enjoyed an energetic and informative 2-hour class with CPR instructor, Marguerite Rippy. Marguerite, who is also a personal trainer [“Ladies And Guys In Motion Personal Training”], brought her knowledge and enthusiasm for saving lives to the CPR class, making it not only educational, but fun as well.

A few months ago Charles’ uncle experienced a massive widow-maker heart attack and lucky for him, there was a brave man present who jumped into action, performing CPR on Charles’ uncle for approximately five “whole” minutes (which we learned in our class takes A LOT of breathing and energy) until paramedics arrived. Had it not been for the individual trained in CPR, the worst would have been inevitable for Charles’ uncle. We encourage others to take advantage of the American Red Cross’ CPR training courses, as you never know when you just may be that brave person needed. If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in hosting or participating in a CPR / AED training course, we would highly recommend contacting Marguerite at or visit

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