What Do Trail Runners Do in November? Grow Facial Hair, of Course!

Movember FoundationIf you keep up with Marc Schwartz, you probably know him as an avid trail runner who has been known to voluntarily hurl himself up and over large mountains. Races like the Mount Mitchell Challenge and the Ragnar Mt. Zion Trail Run don’t faze him, for some reason, but cancer and preventable deaths definitely do. That’s one reason Marc is participating in Movember for the third time this year. (That and having a great excuse to grow a silly-looking moustache, naturally.)

Marc and some of his fellow softball coaches at Atlanta’s Murphey Candler Park are starting off strong, with a total ban on shaving the upper lip as they cultivate what are sure to be impressive (or hideous, depending on your perspective) ‘staches by the end of the month.

Movember, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is an international movement to reduce early deaths by bringing awareness to and supporting targeted men’s health initiatives. The Movember Foundation encourages men and women around the world to get involved by participating in physical fitness activities, attending events and raising funds. The chief fundraising activity is one that many men truly relish: during the month of November they grow the fabulous moustaches of their dreams, while collecting donations from sponsors and supporters.

Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention are the foundation’s areas of focus. The funds raised by Movember participants are used to support specific research and health interventions that are proven to be effective in reducing early death in males.

Marc takes the challenge of fighting cancer and other health threats personally. Cancer took three of his grandparents, and his living grandmother beat the disease 25 years ago but is now fighting it again. Another family member is currently battling breast cancer, which means the entire family is fighting it with them. Friends and other relatives have been directly impacted by its ravages, so this effort seems only natural for Marc. And while cancer is serious trouble, the Movember Foundation is fun-spirited and irreverent as it raises awareness and funds for critically important issues.

Schwartz International encourages you to get involved in one or more fun Movember activities. And if you’d like to sponsor Marc’s moustache as a way to support this worthy cause, feel free to email him. It’s conceivable that if he meets his fundraising goals, he’ll dye the moustache a color to be selected by the highest donor. Now that’s a bright spot to look forward to in what can sometimes be a dreary time of year!


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