Tackling the Selvaggio Blu

Negotiating a successful path through the maze of international tax and business regulations can feel like a long and arduous trek at times. That may or may not be one of the reasons Marc Schwartz has such a fondness for tackling physical challenges that meet the same description. As many readers know, Marc can frequently be found in the wilds of one or another ruggedly beautiful corner of the Earth, doing his best to climb over, run across or scale up its most prominent and forbidding features.

His latest pleasant walk in the countryside was a trip known as the Selvaggio Blu – a five-day hike along the eastern edge of Sardinia, Italy. This trail is known as Italy’s “toughest trek,” and having just completed it himself Marc can tell you that the name is well deserved. Treacherous, scary, awesome…these are the words that spring to his mind, but amazing and wonderful as well.

Selvaggio Blu Schwartz InternationalThe path, such as it is, crosses roughly 30 miles of coastal cliffs, caves, mountains and olive groves. Finding a route through this remote area crossed by numerous animal trails is the first challenge. Carrying enough water to stay hydrated on the strenuous hike is another consideration, since although the Selvaggio Blu follows the coastline, there’s very little drinkable water along its winding path. Add in a liberal dose of scaling sheer, soaring limestone cliffs, sleeping in caves and crossing deep gorges and you begin to get the idea that this is no Sunday stroll in the park.

Despite its difficulty, the hike is a rewarding one, filled with unmatchable beauty and the thrill of conquering one of nature’s most challenging playgrounds. Marc is happy to describe the magnificent views and the treacherous mountaineering to anyone who asks, but you’ll get a better sense of his wonderful experience by taking a look for yourself.

If you’re not inclined to hop on a plane to Italy at the moment, YouTube will be happy to offer you a glimpse. Here for your entertainment is a slideshow and a video, both created as Marc and his companions made their way up, down, across and through the Selvaggio Blu last month. What do you think, will you be joining Marc next time around?

Be sure to watch the videos below and see Marc and his crew in action (and check out the amazing scenery).



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